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July 29, 2014: “The Campsite Rule”

July 28, 2014: “The Campsite Rule”

March 4, 2011: The Washington Post: “Edward Albee Festival Starts At Arena Stage”

August 3, 2010: The Washington City Paper: “Eight Minutes (Give or Take) With the Cast and Crew of EIGHT”

July 23, 2010: The Washington City Paper: “Hip Shot: EIGHT”

July 14, 2010, The Washington Post:  “EIGHT is an Editor’s Pick!”

July 13, 2010, DC Theater Scene:  Review of "EIGHT"

July 22, 2009: DC Theater Scene: “The Teacher’s Lounge, or One Child Left Behind”

July 22, 2009: The Washington City Paper: “Hip Shot: The Teacher’s Lounge"

July 22, 2008: – “Busted Jesus Comix @ Fringe“

Jully 22, 2008: The Washington Post – “Chatological Humor”

July 18, 2008: The Washington City Paper – "Fringe and Purge: Busted Jesus Comix"