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Busted Jesus Comix

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Busted Jesus Comix opened July 18, 2008 at the Flashpoint Mead Theater Lab as part of the Capital Fringe Festival.

Hilarious, touching, and just a little depraved, Busted Jesus Comix tells the story of Marco, a gay teenager brought up on felony obscenity charges in his home state of Florida … for publishing his amateur comic book.


Based on true events, Marco’s sentence is the stuff of which First Amendment legends are born. Three years probation.  Fines. Mandatory psychiatric

counseling.  But worst of all for Marco, he is banned from drawing. Cut off from his creative outlet, estranged from his family, hounded by religious crusaders, and caught up in the Ex-Gay movement, Marco struggles to adapt to his new infamy as a censored artist and societal outcast. Newly

arrived in New York City, Marco awaits an interview at mega-size coffee chain Dazzle Cups, an interview that will expose the secrets of his past, and offer him a chance at a new life.

Chris Klemic of called the production “a classic specimen of redemptive human drama. Highly recommended.”  The Washington City Paper called it “serious food for thought.”

Playwright: David Johnston

Director: Ryan S. Taylor

Cast:  Matt Reckeweg (Marco), Ja’nelle Taylor (Manager), Aidan Hughes (Psychiatrist), Ensemble : Greg Anderson, D. Grant Cloyd, Rachel Manteuffel, Nicholas Jordan

Set Design: Betsy Haibel

Costume Design: Lynly Saunders

Graphic and Character Design: Sako Davis of Psycho Sako Studios