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Mitzi's Abortion

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Opening July 12!

Tickets on sale June 18th at!

"No matter where you fall in the debate,
you'll be moved."
- Miami Herald

"If you see one abortion this summer,
make it Mitzi's!"


What choice? The Washington Rogues return to the Capital Fringe Festival with a bold and timely comedy that dives headfirst into one of the most controversial debates of our time, and does so with heart, humanity and healthy dose of magic.

Twenty-two year old Mitzi Mendoza is ready to start a family. Her Afghanistan-bound solider boyfriend Chuck couldn't be prouder. Her mother Vera and stepfather Rodolfo stand ready and waiting. But when tragedy strikes, Mitzi finds herself at the mercy of bureaucracy so absurd it could only be real.

Left with little choice, Mitzi and her family work to cut through the red tape and get Mitzi the medical attention she needs. With the world seemingly turned against her, Mitzi turns to guidance from her spiritual advisers, the lusty and gregarious soul of 12th Century Catholic Saint Thomas Aquinas and Reckless Mary the anarchic shade of a burned-at-the-stake 17th century Scottish midwife. These two ghosts of the past vie for Mitzi's attention with old fashioned philosophy, rustic wisdom, and surprisingly modern opinions on contemporary women's health. With passion and style Mitzi's Abortion examines a world in which political forces and the media would rather imagine a black and white morality, leaving individuals like Mitzi to live in the real world and face tough choices.


Mitzi's Abortion at the Capital Fringe Fest.  A comedy by Elizabeth Heffron July 12 - 25, 2012. At the Warehouse Theater 607 New York Ave NW Washington DC, 20001

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Starring Natalie Cutcher as Mitzi. Featuring John C. Bailey, Christian Campbell, Louise Schlegel, Elizabeth Richards Bailey*, Amy Couchoud and Kevin Boggs.

*Member - Actor's Equity Association

Directed by Ryan S. Taylor

Mitzi's Abortion is produced by special arrangement with Original Works Publishing.

This production is presented as part of the 2012 Capital Fringe Festival.

Equity actors are appearing under exclusive arrangement with Actor's Equity Association.